RS.... Tek Design Solutions is an production design firm located in Taipei City of Taiwan. We have been designing consumer products, mechanical component, 3C products,new live style creation, and have been helping to create for manufacture presence and exposure for our clients many years.

Our clients range from individuals on a small budget to lot of budget corporations with no budget and strict deadlines. At RS Tek Design Solutions we do everything from design your imagination, creations, mater ials to build your products and retouch the feature. you’d like to use to represent your company.

Regardless of whether you have an existing productions and corporate identity, or are just starting up and need your new idea from the ground-up, we can work with you to accommodate your business needs. We understand your products is more than just a portal to your company its a representation of who you are and what you represent. That is why we are the complete creative concept design solution that also may need to be reworked.

Please take a moment to view our portfolio and contact us when you are ready to acquire our services or if you have any questions.